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Best Laksa in Town – Kuching, Malaysia

Kuching locals are very loyal to their version of the popular Sarawak Laksa. It is not like the usual curry laksa. It doesn’t use curry, instead is flavoured with sambal belacan (Fermented shrimp paste), lemongrass, tamarind, coconut milk and etc. Usually topped with chicken, prawns, bean sprouts, egg strips and a side of belacan & […]

Sarawak Country Club – Kuching, Malaysia

On my last night in Kuching, Dar & her cousin suggested dinner at the Country Club~ Fancy no? Not really actually. The restaurant is in a nice wide open space area, with fairly decent decor (very local oriented). We were seated next to a nice big pool, outside of the main dining area. They ordered: […]

Poh Fah Seafood @ Petanak Central Market – Kuching, Malaysia

On the second night in Kuching, we went for dinner at a hawker centre on top of an open market. The market is huge and is only open in the day time but the hawker centre above it is open all day. A lot of Kuching’s hot spots for dinner is at these open hawker […]

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