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Crawdaddy (Revisited) – San Jose, CA

After 4 visits, and I decided to update my last entry on Crawdaddy. Meep and I went there on a Saturday afternoon after having the worse cravings for Seafood a couple nights ago. Our original plan was to head to Boiling Crab but the wait was over an hour for 2.30 pm on a Saturday!! […]

Crawfishaholic – San Jose, CA

First time I had bags and bags of seafood in spicy cajun seasoning was Crawdaddy’s. Since then, Meep and I were HOOKED!!! It was awesome and so primitive. So I started looking around for other similar establishments. Got a $25 certificate for free so we figured why not try out Crawfishaholic in San Jose. […]

Crawdaddy – San Jose, CA

Crawdaddy!!! Before coming here, I have only had crawfish in Jambalayas, where they only give you a puny little piece. S & A introduced this place to us back in May and we have been there twice since. The  menu is a simple one page piece of A4 paper. There isn’t anything fancy; just straighforward […]

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