Fairmont Hotel Macdonald – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Meep’s best friend’s wedding was held at Fairmont Hotel Macdonald the swankiest hotel in Edmonton~ It was a simple beautiful ceremony held at Wedgwood room then dinner was held at the Empire Ballroom.

The ballroom was beautiful and wasn’t too big so it remained quite intimate~ Service staff was great at helping the guests w seating and serving us drinks continuously.

Each table was set with beautiful flowers, menu and a little treat~

The treat was macarons from Duchess Bakery, and were delicious.

The macarons has a crisp exterior with soft chewy centre and creamy filling.

Menu for the evening:


Smoked Roma Tomato & Red Pepper Bisque

The bisque was everything a bisque should be – it was thick, creamy and quite robust especially for a tomato soup. I stirred in some butter (because I like to over indulge) and it was just delicious!



Baby Arugula w Roasted Beets, Black Pepper Goat Cheese Pearls w Aged Sherry Vinaigrette

I was not crazy bout the vinaigrette or the dried up old looking slivers of carrots. The arugula was nice & bitter with nice roasted beets at the bottom that was just delicious. Indifferent about the goat cheese pearls that were not as creamy as I would like.


My choice of entree: Beef

Organic “Diamond Willow” Beef Tenderloin w Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes

I was pleasantly surprised by my entree. The beef was amazingly tender, cooked to a nice medium rare and seasoned well. The mash was creamy with a hint of buttermilk and was great with the steak. Not a fan of the sauce because it had a gummy texture instead of smooth and silky.


Parents’ in law Choice: Fish

Crushed Fennel & Coriander roasted Arctic Char w Pistachio scented Jasmine Rice

I didn’t try this but my in laws seem to enjoy it just fine~



Chocolate Coffee Cheesecake w Strawberry sauce

Dessert was good. Simple but rich & decadent.



The service was great, dinner was pretty good for a wedding (normally wedding meals are mass produced well in advanced then set in a heat insulated warmer so I don’t expect much). A great venue, with good food an great company – what more can a person ask for in a wedding?

Congratulations to the “geeks” and I wish them all the best for the years to come.




Fairmont Hotel Macdonald

10065 100 St NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 0N6

(780) 424-5181

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