Elm Cafe – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

I first met Chef Nathan Box when he started working at Sugarbowl during our University years (we graduated the same day!). He was a huge addition to Sugarbowl, making major changes in the menu and restructuring the kitchen and eventually became part of management.

Now he has moved on, opened his own little cafe in downtown Edmonton. Elm Cafe is everything I pictured Nate opening – a little place with great fresh food that is made daily and excellent coffee (He was the one that convinced me a $500 espresso machine is worth it when I was still in university!!!)

That is him (the one w the cap!).

Menu is simple and approachable.

The salad, soups and sandwiches changes daily and are usually fairly limited so they sell out fast!


I had to go for dinner at 2 restaurants right after so I just got myself a coffee & muffin~

Mapper Walnut Muffin $2.50

The muffin was delicious. It had a nice crusty sweet exterior with a fairly dense centre. The maple was surprisingly not overwhelming and the walnut gave it a nice crunch. Me likes!

Americano (Double) $4.50

The coffee was great! With a nice thick crema and full bodied, not too tangy (not a big fan of “sour-ish” coffee). I always order the americano w less water otherwise I find some places make it too diluted. This was delicious!




Overall Damage: $8 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (very very good)

Just based on the coffee alone it would be 5/5!! The coffee is great, I love any place that serves a perfect shot of espresso or Americanos with a nice layer of crema floating at the top. I didn’t get a chance to try the paninis but have heard great things about them.




Elm Cafe

10140 117th St
Edmonton, AB T5K 2J2

(780) 756-3356

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