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Every visit to Edmonton means a big filling dinner w my extended family that lives there. This trip is no different. My cousin picked Beijing Beijing~ There is only one “Beijing” on the building  but two in the menu so I am guessing there is meant to be Beijing Beijing.

I continue to be impressed by some of the Chinese restaurants in Edmonton. It is pretty classy looking, clean and big!


They offer a good range of seafood, where you could pick the “style” of preparation:

They also offer set menus for 1 person up to 8 people.

There is a Chinese menu that has set dinners for $228, $288, $328 and $388. We ordered the $288 menu. I can’t read Chinese so I can’t give accurate names of the dishes but this is what we had (with prices if ordered off the regular menu):

House Special Cold Platter $29.95

Surf clam, Abalone, Beef, Drunken Chicken Wings and Jellyfish

The abalone was lightly salted, topped with sesame oil and tender yet chewy. The surfclam was ok but didn’t taste like anything. The cold beef cut was ok. The wings were well seasoned and not bad.


Chicken & Pork Neck Meat w Snow Peas & Celery (Not on Regular menu)

The chicken and pork neck meat were very tender. The veggies were nice and crunchy. Sauce was pretty tasty and gingery.


Deep Fried Shrimp “Cake” w Strawberry Mayo (not on regular menu)

These were served with the strangest sweet mayo. I liked it on its own or better yet, just mayo with some sriracha!

The shrimp was delicious. I could not find this in the English menu so have no idea what this is called but it was really good. I didn’t enjoy the mayo at all. It was very strange artificial strawberry/something berry flavour

The filling was shrimp paste mixed with little chunks of veggies that still had some crunch. The exterior was extremely crispy with moist juicy shrimpy centre. All this awesome deep fried heaven that is not greasy.


Crabmeat & Fish maw thick soup (on regular menu $13.95 serves 4-6 ppl)

Soup was thick, filled with generous amounts of fish maw and bits of crabs and egg white. The little surprise was the bits of tobiko they mixed into the soup. Soup was seasoned well.


2 Crabs Braised in Top Broth@ $30.80 each

Broth is a dried shrimp & salted fish based broth and the crabs sit o a bed of vermicelli

I wasn’t sure how to go about eating this dish. Under the crab shells were vermicelli that was impossible to grab with a fork or chopsticks. The broth was salty and tasted mostly of dried shrimp and salted fish. It was rich and pretty good but probably not a dish for everyone. Crab was a little overdone from the braising.

Personally, I prefer my crabs lightly battered and deep fried.


Chicken two ways: Steamed Chicken w Ginger & Green Onion $16.95 & Crispy Chicken $16.95

Crispy chicken was crispy, salty with very juicy meat. The steam chicken had a nice yellow gelatinous skin and paired really well with the ginger & green onion sauce. Both halves were seasoned really well.


Pork Spareribs in Japanese Teriyaki Sauce $15.95

This was amazing! The spareribs was amazingly tender with a nice sticky sweet salty glaze that has a nice aroma from the deep fried garlic bits and shredded nori. Delicious!!!


House Special Fried rice $12.95

Mixed seafood fried rice topped with crispy garlic

The fried rice taste like the powdered chicken stock by Knorr. Not very pleasant at all. The garlic bits give it a nice flavour and texture. There were small little bits of squid and shrimp.


Egg Noodles & Gai Lan in a Wonton style broth (not in regular menu)

The soup tasted just like the Knorr Wonton mix, they must stock up on Knorr powder mix.  The noodles were the regular ol’ egg noodles and the Gai Lan was nice cooked with a little crunch left in them.


Steamed Tilapia w Ginger & Green Onions (Market Price)

The fish was really fresh but very underseasoned, which is surprising because it was soy sauce. It was also herb-y which is unusual to me, but it was really silky and smooth with crunch from the bits of green onions, ginger and cilantro.


Complimentary Green Bean dessert

The green bean soup was better than the usual stuff. There were bits of seaweed and flavours from dried preserved tangeine peel. Thick and sweet~




2 Pepsis @ $2.50 each
10 Chinese teas @ $1.25 each (I am appalled this is not complimentary!)




Total Damage: $365 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Pretty Darn Good)

To be honest, I am on the fence about whether $288 for the ten courses we got was a great deal because the only fresh seafood was 2 crabs and a fish. I was not even crazy about the crabs. And a couple items on the menu like the noodles and rice were very pedestrian but the hits (ribs, prawn, soup) were pretty out of this world.

If I went back, I would probably order regular plates rather than the set dinners. It was way too much food for 10 ppl, the $288 menu could easily feed 12-14 people.

We had reservations for 5.30 pm so it was empty but when we left 2 hours later, the place is packed (on a Sunday evening) so I would recommend making reservations.

Service is better than the usual average Chinese restaurant. They were gracious, patient when we ordered and good about serving the soup dishes, filleting the fish and clearing dishes.




Beijing Beijing

3803 Calgary Trail NW
Edmonton, AB T6J 5M8

(780) 430-7720

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