Golden Rice Bowl – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

On our first night back in Edmonton, my in – laws wanted to go to Golden Rice Bowl for dinner. More specifically, they wanted to go there for their Peking Duck because the last two trips there, the staff said they did not reserve the duck (which they did) OR they were sold out (eventhough they reserved a duck).

Golden Rice Bowl has been around for a really long time and continues to be one of the top Chinese restaurants in Edmonton. All the way back when I was an undergrad, we used to go to Golden Rice Bowl for dim sum or dinner~

Restaurant is pretty big and all decked out.

Menu is fairly extensive, with neat sections for each protein and rice/noodles.

There is also a page for set meals.


We ordered:

Peking Duck 3 ways $48

Peking Duck Course 1Sliced duck w wrap and condiments

The duck skin was beautifully crispy with very tender juicy duck meat. There was a little too much fat that was still on the duck (which is practically non-existent in good Peking duck) but it was still very good.

Crispy skin & wrap

The wraps were thin and delicate. I didn’t care much for the old shriveling carrots on the plate. The spring onions and cucumbers were ok.


Peking Duck Course 2Soup with Bones & cabbage

I wasn’t sure what this soup would taste like – it is milky and very light. Not much to it with chinese cabbage being the dominant flavour. There were also bits of tofu and lotsa chunks of duck bones~


Peking Duck Course 3 Chow Mien & duck meat

Not bad. The noodles had generous amount of duck. The noodles were seasoned well but there was too many beansprouts.


Pekingese Sweet & Sour Pork Chop $15.95

Typically this is one of my favourite dishes to order in Chinese restaurants but this was not that well prepared. The pork was deep fried a little too long so the pork is tough & stringy. The sauce tasted fine.


Beef w Ginger & Onion Hot (Clay) Pot $17.95

My favourite of the night. The beef was very tender seasoned very well with oyster sauce. The vegetables in the pot were carrots, mushrooms, baby corn, onions and green onions – all blanched then lightly sauteed so they still maintain a crunch.


Pea Sprouts w Garlic $9.95

This was tasty, the veggies were cooked really well with a little crunch left in them and seasoned well with garlic and salt. Simple but delicious.


House Fried Rice $12.95

Not bad. A little bland in comparison to all the other dishes because everything was a tad too salty. There was char siew, shrimp and peas in the fried rice. It needed a bit more ingredients and less rice.


Complimentary Dessert

Red Bean & Corn Tapioca

I was looking forward to dessert all night but was really disappointed. It was only 8 pm and they were almost out so there is this over reduced thick goopy mess at the end of the pots. The red bean was gummy thick and too sweet. The corn tapico with yams were not bad if it wasn’t so reduced.



Total Damage: $135 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 (Very good)

There is no doubt that this is one of the top Chinese restaurants in Edmonton but the service staff leaves much to be desired. They are abrasive and rude; food took forever between courses and they are just lazy. I wonder why people keep going back because it is pricier and the whole experience isn’t worth what you pay.

We went their specifically for their Peking duck. Do remember to order the Peking duck when making reservations BUT call them and remind them the day before. My in laws had reservations and reserved a duck but both times were told they don’t have enough or they did not reserve one. Then when they complained to the management much later, they were told there was one for them but there was a miscommunication.



Golden Rice Bowl

5365 Gateway Blvd NW
Edmonton, AB T6H 4P8

(780) 435-3388

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  1. LolaLily says:

    The food looked pretty good apart from the deserts, but it seems service is a problem the world over. Thanks for such an informative review – their plates and table ware were very plain, I was interested to see!

  2. Eddangel says:

    thanks! it is interesting to see how the food/service/restaurants are at different places! This is one of the nicer places even if it is plain. You don’t want to see what the ones in Chinatown look like~

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