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Sugarbowl has been around for a really long time; it has changed over the years. I worked at Sugarbowl in my last 2 years of Undergrad and more; started as a bartender then slowly I moved into the kitchen and finally as a server. There were days when I would be throwing together a creamy Asiago fettuccine and then dropping it off at a table because the Chef was late.

Abel Shiferaw is the owner ,who hired me and ultimately became a good friend. He used to work down the street at the Highlevel diner and worked his way up and bought Sugarbowl (then just a coffee shop) then hired the amazing Kay (and her cinnamon buns). Sugarbowl then grew and grew – it was well known for the amazing cinnamon buns, healthy but tasty bran muffins and great brunch.

In the past few years, they renovated the bar, got new patio tables builts but managed to keep the original chairs & tables inside (which I love!). The windows of the restaurant are garage doors-ish and they r opened in the Summer so the whole restaurant feels like a giant patio.

The menu has never stayed the same but some items stay on because they are popular and Sugarbowl is known for them; like the amazing cinnamon buns (sans icing!!), bran muffins, breakfast sandwich and lamb burgers~

There draught beers continue to grow and they have a couple dozen different beers from all over Europe (primarily Belgium). My favourites are the yummy fruit beers!


We ordered:

Cinnamon Bun $3.50

Note: Always request them to warm it up if it you are not having it early in the morning when they are first baked. It makes a whole lot of difference.

The bun is buttery, fluffy and airy generously coated with cinnamon sugar. Always served with a side of butter which makes it even better (if that is possible). This is the one item that pretty consistent over the years, even long after Kay retired they have managed to maintain the quality and flavours.


Omelette of the Day $10

Bacon, mushroom omelette with pan fried potatoes & toast

The omelet was fluffy and not bad. A tad overdone but had generous amounts of bacon and mushrooms. The toast is a multigrain toast that is pretty tasty. Potatoes were seasoned well and pan fried well so it had nice crisped edges. And of course the in house made ketchup is served with breakfast. It is fresh, sweet, tangy and better than Heinz anyday.


Bison Chili w Cornbread $10

I was very disappointed with this dish. The bison chili had always been one of my favourite items in Sugarbowl and has stayed pretty consistent over the years because the same guy usually prepares it. This time it was different, a lot runnier and bland. The corn bread was more like a chewy cake, and I could not decide if I like it or not.


Lamb & Goat Cheese Burger $13

Fresh ground lamb, creamy goat cheese, Guinness mustard, caramelised onions, pickle, garlic mayo and served with side of soup, salad or fries

We went with the salad which was lightly tossed in a sweet tangy raspberry vinaigrette. The mixed greens were fresh and the dressing was delicious.

The lamb burger is another good old Sugarbowl classic. It had slight variations but always kept the same goat cheese, patty and bun. The burger was grilled well, with a nice char and juicy meat. It is very game-y so might not be for everyone. The goat cheese is very creamy and tangy which made it a nice compliment to the sweet caramalised onions. The garlic mayo and Guinness mustard was surprisingly subtle and didn’t add much to the burger.


Jerk Chicken & Avocado Burger $13

Grilled jerk spiced chicken breast, fresh avocado, caramelised onions, garlic mayo, pickle and served with choice of salad, soup or fries

Again we chose the salad. It is mixed greens tossed in a sweet tangy raspberry vinaigrette. The salad is very good. The jerk chicken was seasoned well with a nice kick to it. It was grilled very well, with a nice char and juicy meat. The sweet caramelised onions and avocado rounded up the burger pretty well. I didn’t care much for the pickles and wished there was a tad more mayo.



Leffe $6.50

Floris Ninkeberry $6.25

Americano (Double) $3.25



Total Damage: $86 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: N/A

To be honest, I have a soft spot for the place that helped me pay for my education at the University of Alberta – so I can’t really be objective about it. The service has gone downhill from what were expected when I used to work there, probably because it is now busier than ever and it just gets busier.

The food is OK but as expected the cinnamon buns (and coffee) were amazing. Beers were nice & cold with great prices.

When I worked there, it was a nice quaint little neighbourhood gem with an awesome vibe and an even better clientele. Now it is looking a little more chic and the menu has changed a handful of times but there is always the ever so dependable Cinnamon buns & coffee that made the restaurant.





10922 88 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T6G 0Z1

(780) 433-8369

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