Famoso Neapolitan Pizza (Downtown) – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

Meep and I were in Edmonton for a wedding and this is where the rehearsal dinner was held. The groom decided on this spot because this was where they had their first date (*cue* Awwwwwwww). We had a party of 22 and they were able to accommodate us well (w advanced reservation of course).

The restaurant isn’t very big at all but a good size, our party took over 1/3 of the place.

I loved watching them make the pizza and pop them into this fire oven, that has a pizza stone going in circles!

Menu is fairly extensive, with a nice selection of salads, appetisers, pizzas and desserts~

There is also a great menu for parties which I thought were amazing deals~

I was glad that we were there in such a big group so I got to try a lot more different items that I would not have ordered if I went there with Meep~

This is what we all got:

Tapenade Trio $9

Roasted artichoke tapenade, Kalamata olive tapenade, bruschetta; servedd with flatbread

I really enjoyed the artichoke tapenade that was salty and sour. Not a fan of olives so I can’t comment on that. The bruchetta (tomato salsa) was just not so great because the tomatoes were a tad mushy but had great basil and olive oil flavours.

The bread was a little hard and not as good as the mediterranean flat bread.


Mediterranean Flatbread $10

Flatbread baked with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, oregano & feta – served with house made tzatziki and Tuscan hummus

The flatbread is basically their pizza dough seasoned and baked in their fire oven. It was delicious! The hummus was good, it was seasoned well, chunky with a hint of garlic. The tzatziki was tangy and creamy. Both went well with the bread.


Prosciutto Wrapped Mozzarella Balls $10

Fresh mozzarella wrapped with prosciutto, baked in Campania tomato sauce, fresh basil, pecorino romano – served with flat bread

I didn’t get to try this (Gasps!). But the groom is crazy bout these mozza balls and so were the other diners. The tomato sauce was very traditional and light.

For pizzas, we had:

Prosciutto Arugula $14.50

Bianca sauce pizza baked then topped with arugula, prosciutto and pecorino romano

One of my favourite pizzas because it was not soggy or lathered in sauce. The sauce was light and the arugula gave it a nice fresh bitterness which contrasted the salty yummy prosciutto. The lemon gave it a nice edge. Pizza crust was nice and lightly charred at the edges and bottom with chewy soft centre.


Sweet BBQ Chicken $14.50

Honey smoked BBQ sauce, fresh mozzarella, fire roasted chicken, smoked mozza pizza baked then topped with fresh tomatos, onions & cilantro

Pretty good pizza, with smokey sweet salty BBQ sauce that was nicely contrasted by the fresh tomatoes and cilantro. The chicken was tender and delicious as well. The crust was nice and crisped at the edges with a good amount of sauce w/o getting soggy.


Spicy Thai $14.50

Spicy peanut sauce, fire roasted chicken, fresh mozzarella, smoked mozza topped with carrots, beansprouts, cilantro & crushed peanuts

I really enjoyed this. The peanut sauce was like an Asian style BBQ sauce, with big tender chunks of chicken. The beansprouts and cilantro give it a nice freshness and good crunch. The fresh lime made it even better! I didn’t care much for the carrots though.


Conforto $14.50

Italian sausage, roasted mushrooms, roasted red peppers topped with mozzarella, basil leaves & pecorino romano

One of the more traditional simple pizza. The sauce was simple and light – tomato-ey and lightly seasoned. The sausage was not great and I felt that the pizza needed something more. Pretty boring but decent. Again, the pizza crust here is made to perfection – crisped edges with light charring and soft chewy centre.


Pollo $14.50

Fire roasted chicken, roasted red pepper & artichoke hearts with Bianca sauce

I don’t remember much about this pizza. It kinda fell into the background because of the other better ones. The crust is just like all the other pizzas, topped with bits of tender white chicken meat and sour artichoke hearts. The red peppers didn’t add much to the pizza.


Smoked Salmon $14.50

Extra virgin olive oil, garlic, oregano & onions baked then topped with smoked Alantic salmon, capers, house made dill cream sauce & lemon

My favourite pizza of the night. The smoked salmon was silky and salty and literally fell apart in my mouth. The capers and onions added a nice kick to the pizza. The sauce was creamy, tangy and just sublime. Again,t he pizza crust was good, with charred bits from the oven and chewy centre./.

And finally dessert;

Banana Nutella Pizza $10

Pizza crust smothered in Nutella and bananas folded into a calzone then topped with whipped cream

I felt like a total pig because everyone was stuffed but the groom knew I was eyeing this the moment I saw it on the menu so he ordered one. It was everything I wanted it to be. Generously filled with nutella and nice firm bananas; baked then served with whipped cream and a caramel drizzle. The pizza dough was crispy on the outside, soft and chewy in the centre. It was perfect!




Total Damage: – (approximately around $20 per person w drinks, tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very good)

I don’t know why I have not heard of Famoso before this trip, the pizzas were authentic and delicious with something for everyone. I have to admit, I am not a big pizza fun but there were just some that I had here that have almost converted me.

The crusts were all thin, crisped and lightly char on the edges with a soft chewy centre.

The prices were very reasonable and definitely a good place for a date or a huge party. Great service, very efficient and they handled our party of 22 people very well. Food just kept coming and they were quick with clearing our plates and topping drinks.




Famoso Neapolitan Pizza

11750 Jasper Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5K 0N3

(780) 732-0700

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