Mikado (Downtown) – Edmonton, AB (Canada)

On my short 6 day trip to Edmonton, I insisted on eating at Mikado because of their sushi pizza. I didn’t have any expectations because it has been over 4 yrs since I have last eaten here.

The restaurant was modern looking and as nice as I remembered it to be.

Menu was extensive, with a range of small plates, sushi rolls, sashimi and rice dishes.

Lunch menu  includes reasonably priced bento boxes and rolls

Dinner bentos almost double the price of lunch!

We ordered:

Salmon Pizza $9.95

Grilled rice with spicy mayo topped with chopped onions, seaweed, masago and salmon sashimi

Not bad, with a nice spicy mayo and topped with nori n tobiko. The salmon was not bad. The rice was ice cold which we did not enjoy.


Lunch Sashimi Combo $17.95

Sake (salmon), Shiro Maguro (Albacore), Hamachi (Yellowtail) , Ikura (Salmon roe), Ika (Squid), Hokkigai (Surf clam) and seaweed

The squid was slimy and really bad and the ikura was very fishy. The salmon and tuna were actually quite fresh. The hamachi and surf clam were average and still a tad “frozen”. Seaweed is just seaweed.


Dynamite Roll $14.95

Tempura shrimp, avocado, cucumber, spicy mayo, scallops & tobiko

I was surprised to see they did not use the typical fat short grain japanese rice for their sushi. It was a type of medium/long grain rice with cracks throughout the grain. What a way to cut cost (not impressed and feeling a little ripped off). It was barely seasoned with sushi vinegar and fell apart the moment it was picked up because the rice did not stick together.

The shrimp tempura was actually quite good, crispy hot and tasted really fresh. The scallops coated with spicy mayo tobiko sauce is a whole different story. It was a little mushy and was borderline fresh.




Coke $2.95

Green Tea $1.50




Total Damage $58 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 2.25 out of 5 (Below Average)

For the premium prices, the food is not even close to being worth it. The poor server did not know how to respond when I commented that the squid and scallop was mushy and not fresh. For the price tag, the food needed to not only be fresh but actually GOOD.

I was really disappointed but I guess this is the price to pay to see if the food was what I remembered it to be.





10350 109 St NW
Edmonton, AB T5J 4X9

(780) 425-8096

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