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When CL’s Maid of Honour/Sister was planning her bachelorette, we decided to hit up both Niche and Zinc on the same night so that our food lover bachelorette can enjoy a range of places she has always wanted to go to. One of them was Niche in downtown Edmonton. The restaurant opened in early 2011 and has great reviews from the locals, with its simple menu featuring locally sourced ingredients.

Chef/Owner Nathan Saurette is 34 yr old native Edmontonian, who graduated from the culinary program in NAIT. He worked in a few local establishments before starting up his own little place.

We had reservations for 5.30 pm, but were a little delayed after our mani/pedi session. They said they could not change our reservation time. We got there at 6 pm, and were already thinking of plan B if the restaurant was filled. Much to our surprised it was half empty.

I was quite surprised at how tiny this restaurant was. It has a full bar and seats about 30 people at a time.

I loved the whole brick wall and vibe that the decor gave off. Their washrooms were really unique as well~

Menu is short and simple:

There is also a decent list of alcoholic drinks


We ordered:

Bison shortribs $10

Braised bison short ribs with tomato puree and white cheddar crostinis

Pretty tasty, the bison was so tender and very flavourful but the cheese and sauce was pretty overwhelming so it could be pork for all I know. The tomato puree was still maintained it pure tomato essence. Crostinis was thin, hard and crispy.


Beef $20

Spring Creek braised beef cheeks in a wild mushroom cream tossed with broad egg noodles

The beef was nice & tender with silky egg noodles but it was surprisingly bland. Noodles were fresh pasta that were cooked well. The peas added nothing to the dish, and even the cheese was surprisingly subtle. The whole dish tasted predominantly of cream and nothing else  The wild mushrooms were tender and very good though.


Duck $20

Confit of Brome Lake duck paired with golden mashed potatoes and lemon thyme gravy

The duck had an amazingly crispy skin that was seasoned well. I expected the dish to be a tad saltier since it was confit but it wasn’t. The meat barely tasted salty or “cured”. The meat was dry and quite disappointing. I did enjoy the smooth mash, crispy long beans and delicious gravy.


Salmon $23

Brown buttered salmon with maple sage glaze

None of us enjoyed this dish. The maple glaze  was unappetisingly sweet, which overpowered the flavours of salmon on its own. I could not even tell if it was seasoned before pan frying because all I tasted was sweet reduced maple syrup. The salmon was well overdone, making it quite dry. The mash potatoes and beans were the same garnishes and seasoned just like the duck dish, simple well executed sides.




2 glasses of Riesling @ $9 each – Not bad, decent pour for the price.

Fruili $8.50 – The beer was warm when it got to me, and this is overpriced at $8.50 because other establishments with the same price points charge about $6.50 for each.




Total Damage: $124 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Pretty average)

Very slow service, it took over ten mins of sitting down to get our drink orders and another 10 minutes to get our drinks. Our appetisers got to us about 15 minutes after ordering, and it took over 20 minutes between the two courses. I was surprised at how slow the food took since there is only about 5 tables there…

An OK experience w decent food but nothing great.For the quality of the dishes we were served, the prices were not quite justified. Service is a little slow & lacking, we were not even asked how the food was until we were paying the bill. By that time, the server said we should have mentioned the problems and he could get the kitchen to fix them but… he was no where to be found in that tiny little place. The overall experience was a tad disappointing..





11011 Jasper Ave
Edmonton, AB T5K 2W4

(780) 761-1011

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