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On my second day back in Edmonton, my 3 sister in laws wanted to go out for lunch and we ended up deciding between Japanese or Chinese. We all settled for a sushi at Kyoto and I was excited because all my 5 years in Edmonton, Kyoto was one of my favourite spots.

It was cheap and had great bento boxes with generous portions. There was 6 of us but we ordered waaaayyy too much food.


Beef Tataki $10.25

Beef did not have a nice sear on the outside so it was lacking the “smoky” flavour that comes with most tatakis. It was not bad but a little too chewy for my liking – the beef was not of great quality. Portion definitely generous.


Salmon Sashimi

The sashimi sashimi was not bad. It was firm and quite fresh.


Assorted Sashimi $16.50

Red Snapper, Scallop, Octopus, Mackerel, Surf Clam, Salmon & Tuna Sashimi

Salmon was not bad, not as fresh as I would have liked but ok. The red snapper was good. The tuna was a little mushy for me. Scallop was not very fresh. Surf clam was ok. Octopus was a little too chewy and finally the mackerel, which was not too bad.

Nothing spectacular but for the most part, the quality of the sashimi was average with a great cheap price tag.


Sushi Lunch Combination $10.50

California roll and 6 types of sushi nigri (red snapper, mackerel, salmon, tuna, shrimp and an unknown)

The sushi was not bad, nothing was great but all off decent quality. I was not crazy about the california toll because the rice was packed together sooo tight that it was hard to chew! There was also too much rice and was seasoned with too much sushi vinegar.


Array of rolls

(Pic below) Left to Right: Mexican roll, Rainbow roll, (bottom) Dynamite roll, Kyoto Special (top), Chop chop maki

California roll: Too much rice; ok filling – nothing exciting but not bad

Mexican roll: One of my favourite rolls from Kyoto ; it puts regular spicy tuna maki to shame. The spicy tuna is mixed with crunchy tempura bits. Pretty good, maybe a little on the sour from the hot sauce and over-vinegared rice but still tasty.

Rainbow roll: pretty good, if it wasn’t for the overly vinegared rice the roll would be great. Wuth nice thin sashimi & avocado on top and crispy bits in the middle

Dynamite roll: The tempura was nice and crunchy with a yummy fresh shrimp but look at the amount of rice on that roll! It was 2/3 rice and 1/3 everything else. It didn’t help that the rice had too much sushi vinegar in it.

Chop chop maki $6.50 – The maki was nice bite sizes, but there was too much sriracha and not enough mayo. The ratio of rice, mayo, scallop & hot sauce was all over the place.

Kyoto Special

One of the crowd favourites; I mean it is two rolls in one; dynamite & spicy tuna! Kinda hard to eat because they are too big but unlike the other rolls – the rice level here was ok. The shrimp tempura was nice and crunchy with a creaminess from the generous amounts of avacado and mayo. The tobiko gave it extra saltiness. The spicy tuna half needed a little more tuna though.




Overall Damage: ~$25 each

Personal Rating: 2.75 out of 5 (Pretty average)

We ordered an excessive amount of food for 6 people and so expect to pay less than that if you have normal appetites. Honestly, Kyoto is one of the cheaper Japanese restaurants in Edmonton and when I was a student at University of Alberta I used to have lunch here at least once a month. But as I grew older, my palate is  more exposed to better Sushi in Vancouver & California – so I became pickier and not as psyched about Kyoto as I used to be.

The sashimis were ok; not great but for the price paid – it was fair. Sushi rolls were disappointing w too much over-vinegared rice. Food in general was average but they all come in generous portions for what you pay. Service was ok, a bit lacking but still acceptable.

Great for a cheap quick sushi lunch but probably not when you are looking for something amazing




Kyoto (Downtown)

10128-109 Street
Edmonton, Alberta

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