Jurong East Hawker Centre – Singapore

In my 5 day stopover in Singapore, I stayed w M in her condo at Jurong East. Conveniently, there are 2 large hawker centres near the area, so we picked up breakfast everyday there. A picture post on what is available:


1st stop: Hong Kong Tim Sum

We had dim sum here twice, it is not great. I wasn’t crazy bout it but it definitely hit the spot when we had cravings. It was convenient and cheap.


Roasted meats:

First stall we tried, it was quite good. The duck was nice and tender, the pork was a little too fatty for my liking. But for $5, I got a plateful of meat on rice topped with a sweet soy sauce.

More roasted meats:

2nd stall we tried, we got it over noodles. I loved this. The yellow egg noodles were good, with a sweet salty sauce and a little hot sauce. The roast duck and roast pork was delicious as well.


Coffee spot – Coffee United

I ordered coffee everyday from Coffee United. The old man that prepares them is adorable! He was all huffy and puffy when I was asking some questions. LOL I got my coffee black w only lightly sweetened. It was great!


We picked up Soy milk & Beancurd from one of the stalls along the way back, which sold out 3 out of 5 times we tried.

The toufu fah (beancurd) was delicious, nice and smooth with a great sweet syrup. They sell pandan or regular flavour. It was nice and warm the two times we managed to get it. The soy milk was delicious as well with the right  level of sweetness.


And on the same street – they sell great deep fried fish balls from Richie’s Crispy Puff

I ordered this everyday! I love fish balls and these giant deep fried balls were nice and bouncy/chewy and slightly salty!


We also found great deep fried chicken wings and Nasi Lemak at the smaller hawker centre:

Loved the chicken wings as well! They were always piping hot, with perfectly crispy skin and juicy insides. Delicious!!! They were not cheap at $1 a piece but worth it every time!


Breakfast is always delicious and cheap. We spend about $10 for the 3 of us everyday, and are filled to the brim. *Loves*

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