Song Kheng Hai – Kuching, Malaysia

Visiting Kuching meant having to eat everything it has to offer, or at least that was my plan! Of course, this meant a hawker centre that has stalls selling a whole variety of stuffs. Dar took me to Song Kheng Hai Food Court, which is popular among her peers.

It was about 3 pm so some stalls were closed~

Couple stalls we ordered from:


And this is what we tried:

Local delicacy: Foochow Kom Pia

I don’t know much about this except it is local and popular. So I looked it up and I found some great information on Sarikei Time Capsule.

I thought it was ok, a little hard and chewy with sweet salty meat filling. The filling reminds me of a rendition of the charsiew bun filling but gooey-er.


Siu Mai

This was a strange one. Before heading to Kuching, a couple friends told me to try Kuching Siu Mai and I got to say that was bad advice. It was sweet, doughy and soft. Quite strange…. not a hint of meat in it either.


Rojak with a bit of everything

The rojak was excellent. I dare to say I like the rojak here more than the popular option in Brunei’s very own Lee Loi Fatt. It was sweet, salty, shrimpy with a lot of fresh cucumbers, turnips, pineapple, cuttlefish and deep fried tofu.


Pan fried radish cake with egg

Delicious! There was a nice crisps on everything from nicely heated wok with just the right amount of seasoning. The hot sauce was sweet & spicy, which goes well with the salty radish cake. :) It helped that they are generous with the egg too!

and of course:

Sugarcane with young coconut

It doesn’t get more refreshing that this. It is always hot, humid and nasty in Kuching (and most of S.E.Asia) so drinks like these are life saviours.

The sugarcane is sweet yet light and the young coconut was tender and delicious.




Overall Damage: Not too sure (usually about RM$10 per person)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very good)

Excellent choices all over a large food court, which something for everybody. The sugarcane and rojak was definitely a 5/5! Radish cake was really really good. But everything else was just ok.

Everything was prepared really fast & tasted really fresh.




Song Kheng Hai Food Court

Lorong 15
off Jln Padungan
Kuching, Sarawak

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