53rd & 6th Halal Cart – New York City

Before heading to NYC, friends kept recommending the food carts and this one in particular.

It was a rainy, depressing night when we found the space in our overly stuffed bellies for late night eats. The cold rain was almost a blessing in disguise because we were told, normally there are lines around the block making it over an hour before people get to order; but that night the line was very short.

They actually have huge piles of rice, meat and pita ready and kept warm on the grill – then they plate it as you order so once you order it only takes a couple minutes and your food is ready.

We ordered the Combination Plate $6.

Combination plate comes w chicken, lamb, rice, veggies & pita. They packed the order with 2 generous tubs of white sauce & a  little hot sauce.

Where do I start – this is definitely tasty. The chicken chunks were nice & moist, lettuce added a nice fresh touch to such a carb & protein heavy plate. Rice was cooked really well as well. The lamb was a little disappointing tho – it is all minced up into unidentifiable bits and could beef for all I know.

The white sauce is very very good, it adds a nice creamy (slightly sweet n sour) touch and brings the whole plate together. The hot sauce is killer! Even with the teeny amount I dribbled on – my mouth was on fire (in a good way)

Pita was great as well, nicely toasted on the outside and perfect with the bits of meat & rice or dipped in the white sauce on its own.




Total Damage: $6

Personal Rating 4 out of 5 (Great)

For $6, you get a huge generous portion! I don’t know if I would wait an hour for this (because there are so many Halal carts around the same area) BUT at 2 am, when drunk and in need of some grub – this is very very satisfying.




53rd & 6th

53rd St & 6th Ave
New York, NY 10079

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