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A trip to NYC would not be complete without a stop at Shake Shack. There are countless debates on whether Shake Shack or In & Out (from the West Coast) is better and I just needed to find out!

We got there at about 1 pm and the place was packed!

The menu is right on a giant board, with a few (but enough) options – burgers, hot dogs, custard, drinks (including alcohol!). They even sold shirts & caps.

There was a line of about a dozen people in front of me when I got to the counter to order. You could watch them work away – piling on fries and assembling fresh burgers.

Once we ordered, were were given a little buzzer that buzzes when our order is ready for pick up~


We ordered:

2 Root Beers @ $2.65 each

They were pretty good, not too sweet & gassy like some brands.


Fries $2.65

I really liked the fries here. It was nice and crispy on the outside with nice soft almost soggy like insides. It is like MacDonald’s fries but thicker.


Single Cheese Burger $4

Burgers are actually quite small, a little bigger than the size of the palm.

The burger was simply served with patty, melted cheese and if ordered (lettuce, onions & tomatoes). Mayo, mustard and ketchup are all on the side for one to put on burgers themselves.

The patty was delicious. Simple fresh ground meat that is freshly grilled. The meat was still crumbly as though it was literally made into a patty from minced meat on the spot. Grilled so well that it was still moist and juicy.

Bun was small but yellow almost egg-y like with a nice hint of sweetness. Kind of like the Filipino Pan De Leche or Hawaiian buns.


Shack Stack $8.50

The shake stack came with a slice of Portabella mushroom and cheese deep fried. The crust was golden & crunchy and once I bit into it – the cheese oozed out in endlessly. I was almost shocked at how much cheese was in this crispy ball with a tiny sliver of mushroom. It got a little heavy halfway through.

Again, the patty was delicious – fresh, crumbling, moist and juicy with only beef being the prominent taste.

Bun was the same – small, soft and a little sweet~




Total Damage: $22.26 (including tax)

Personal Rating: 4.25 out of 5 (Great)

Personally, I prefer Shake Shack over In & Out (eventhough In & Out is way cheaper). The beef is meatier, crumbly and tasted really “beefy”. It is quite filling eventhough the burgers are quite small.




Shake Shack

691 8th Ave
(between 43rd St & 44th St)
New York, NY 10036
(646) 435-0135

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