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Oh, Picasso! Nothing beats dining in a roomful of Picassos. There is no way to describe eating amidst millions of dollars worth of original artwork… For our little weekend getaway to Vegas, I got us reservations for Picasso to celebrate “pre” Valentine’s Day.

Picasso is Julian Serrano’s 2 michelin starred restaurant located in Bellagio.The menu is French & Spanish inspired, which is fitting since Pablo Picasso is a Spanish painter who spent most of his years in France.

Our reservations were at 6.30 pm, so I was able to walk around and check out the artwork before the restaurant filled up.

We were seated next to the windows with a great view of the lake where the Fountains of Bellagio show goes on every 15 mins.

There are two regular menu choices and a special truffle menu:

Prix Fixe $113

Degustation $123

Black Truffle Menu $250

We ended up with the prix fixe & degustation~


Our meal journey started with:

Amuse Bouche

Sweet bell pepper soup with a pigeon croquette n prosciutto

Delicious!!! It was a great way to get us excited for what was to come.


To make it less confusing; let’s start with the prix fixe menu~

1st Course (Prix Fixe)

Poached Oysters garnished w Osetra Caviar & Sauce Vermouth

Refreshing start! I was surprised at how subtle everything was (not much brininess from the oyster) and the sauce vermouth was really light.


2nd  Course (Prix Fixe)

Sauteed Filet of Black Bass w Cauliflower Mousseline & Saffron Sauce

One of the favourites of the night. I am not a big fan of cauliflower but Meep loved the mousseline. The bass had a nice crispy skin and flaked off perfectly. The combination with the sauce was so simple and so right.


3rd Course (Prix Fixe)

Roasted Pigeon w Wild Rice Risotto

It is hard to comment on this dish as I only had the pigeon. The cheese in the risotto was so pungent that I could not taste much because each breath I take, the cheese was all I smell/taste. Meep really enjoyed the risotto, I didn’t (I guess it depends on how much we enjoy stinky cheese?).

The pigeon was cooked to a nice medium rare-ish and was very subtle. I guess that is where the risotto comes in?


1st Course (Degustation)

Maine Lobster Salad w Apple Champagne Vinaigrette

Another refreshing first course~ I just noticed the pattern of “light” choices to “heavier” ones as the menu progresses. The lobster was cooked just right. Simple yet tasty dish.


2nd Course (Degustation)

Pan Seared U-10 Day Scallop w Potato Mousseline & Jus de Veau

We got this dish at the same time as the bass. I really enjoyed it, but I have to say I was surprised at how similar this is to the Sea Bass dish. Must be the mousseline. I enjoyed this a bit more because the scallop was cooked perfectly, and the mousseline was delicious!

Jus de Veau didn’t really add much to this dish because I don’t really remember much about it. Meep found this dish a little on the more boring side. Well, eating is subjective rite?


3rd Course (Degustation)

Sauteed Steak of “A” Foie Gras w Poached Rhubarb & Reduction of Vanilla Blood Orange

Meep was most excited about this dish. I knew we were getting a steak of foie gras but this was a real STEAK. It was HUGE! About the length of a fork and 3/4 inch thick. I was totally overwhelmed by the sear amount of liver and needed more “crisps”.

Meep thought it was just perfect – but he can never say no to a good foie gras. And I was happy not to see a vein in it, which I notice is usually the case in big slabs of liver.


4th Course (Degustation)

Roasted Lamb Chops w Sweet Bell Pepper Farci

I have a weakness for anything lamb~ I really can’t deny myself when I see lamb on any menu. I was surprised that this dish came with scallop potatoes, which Meep thoroughly enjoyed.

I thought it just tasted like any other scallop potatoes. The lamb was cooked and seasoned well. I am impartial to that piece of red bell pepper.

I have to say, this is one of the more “boring” dish of the night.


Choices for dessert:

Some coffee to go with our desserts~

Coffee was fairly good. :) I should start finding out what coffee I am served.


4th course (Prix Fixe)

Warm Chocolate Fondant w Rum Raisin Ice Cream, Butterscotch & Sultana Raisin Compote

I couldn’t decide on which dessert to get; so the server picked for me. :) I was never a fan of raisins so I guess I shouldn’t have agreed to this. The fondant was oozing and delicious. Nothing exciting here~


5th Course (Degustation)

Green Apple Ice Cream Bombe w Huckleberry syrup & Caramelised Apples

Nothing spectacular but nothing bad. Great refreshing ice cream that balanced well with everything on the plate.

Random: When we got this plate, I remember mentioning to Meep that the plating is very “old fashion” for all our dishes – then he responded w “That is because they r made to look Picasso-esque”. Then he mentioned asked me to look at the colours on the plates and the components on the plates. I finally saw the correlation! How cool is that? Or maybe that is just us, overthinking everything.


And our parting gift

These weren’t very tasty at all – kinda dry and tasteless. It does smell really good though – cinnamon n sugar~



Total Damage $345 ( including 1 wine, 1 juice, 2 coffees, tax & tip)

Personal rating – 4.25 out of 5 ( Great)

Service was impeccable. We were greeted promptly at the door and brought to our table shortly. After a short introduction to the different menus – the Sommelier came with a wine list (extensive wine list to be exact). While waiting for the food, one of the servers asked if we wanted our picture taken (I love it when they take initiative!!), because he saw me taking random pictures of the place.

Overall, the whole experience was definitely luxurious~ Nothing on the menu fell below expectations; food was executed very well. Meep mentioned that he enjoyed everything very much, but was disappointed that he did not get his mind blown (lol).

I thought the menu was on the conservative side (nothing overly complicated/modern/out of this world) but nothing wrong w conservative if everything was good~ :)





3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109
(702) 693-7223

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