The Mission – San Diego, CA

While planning for our weekend in San Diego, Meep and I came to an understanding; he gets to see all the animals he wants whilst I get to eat at any place of my choosing. We ended up with a itinerary that included the San Diego Zoo, Seaworld, 2 brunch spots and 2 dinner spots! Our first day was mainly spent visiting JR & Baby E so the touristy stuff started on Saturday!

First stop before the zoo was Mission! There are three spots around San Diego and this was the one closest to our hotel and on the way to the Zoo (sort of).

Just as I had expected from reading Yelp reviews, the wait was a tad over 30 minutes for a table of two. The place seats a lot more people than I had expected so even with a massive  crowd, the  tables were getting turned over pretty steadily.

Menu highlights the brunch favourites and includes a good range of lunch items as well.

It took me forever to decide because I wanted every dish on their specials!! We ordered:

Mission French Toast $7.95

Fresh baked cinnamon bread w berry puree

It looked a tad burnt but tasted nothing close to it. It had a nice crust with moist cinnamon center and topped with blueberries and sweet tangy puree.

Add scrambled eggs and double smoked bacon $2

The scrambled eggs were soft and moist, seasoned very lightly (but easily solved with some salt and pepper). The bacon were nice thick cuts that were served super crispy.


Chicken Apple Sausage $8.95

Aidells’ Chicken apple sausage served with crispy rosemary potatoes, grilled rosemary bread and scrambled eggs

Best chicken sausage I have had to date!! There was a nice char with juicy chunks of chicken bits (not just ground up unidentifiable patty). It has great seasoning as well. The crispy rosemary potatoes were amazing, seasoned so well and had crisped edges from the flat top grill and just so addictive! Again, served with soft scramble eggs.

I didn’t have much of the bread because I filled up on french toast and pancake. It was pretty dense and toasted nicely.


Side Strawberry & banana Pancake $2.75

Good ol’ dependable pancake; can’t really go wrong with pancakes. It was tasty but not the best ever. I did really appreciate the server being flexible and letting us know that we could order one pancake (since I was harping on being indecisive).



House Blend
$2 – Coffee was pretty good~
Vincent Vega $3.50 – Coke, espresso and Torani vanilla syrup concoction that sounded cool but tasted a tad strange.



Total Damage: $35 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Very good)

Our experience was pretty good overall – the food was of great quality and definitely reasonable in price. Service was not perfect but it was super busy so it was sort of expected. Food took a while and it took quite some effort to find my server to get more coffee.

I am not against the only option of scrambled eggs (it would prolly kill the kitchen to have to cook each egg to order for such a vast menu and insane number of customers) but it would have been perfect if I could have my eggs over-easy and yolky.

I will definitely recommend the place to anyone who wants delicious, down to earth and fresh tasting breakfast with not fuss and frills.




The Mission

1250 J Street,
San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 232 2662

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