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We started Christmas Eve with a nice brunch at Bouchon. Bestie’s fiance’s only request for where to eat was Bouchon and I was happy to obliged! Our previous experience there was great even with the 20 minute wait for a table!

Got there at abotu 11.30 am, expecting a wait but it was actually fairly empty. We were directly to wait at the lounge area while they set our table. It was completely empty!

There was a tray of mini cork size blueberry cupcakes. It was amazing and got me excited for our meal.

I am always impressed at the sheer size of this place, so deceiving especially with the narrow hallway and small door to the restaurant.


Menu has not changed in the past year~

We ordered:

Corned Beef  Hash $18

served with two eggs & toast

The eggs were cooked perfectly! Runny yolk mixed with the corned beef hash was great but the corn beef itself was disappointly. Chewy and pretty blah flavourwise – a tad underseasoned and peppery, we were all disappointed with the corn beef hash. The toast was good.


Bouchon French Toast $12

Bread pudding style with warm layers or brioche, custard & apples served with maple syrup

I am a huge fan of bread pudding and french toast – so this is the perfect dish for me! French toast that is a bread pudding style – how can I refuse. It was served warm, moist and with generous amounts of custard and apples. Sweet without being too much even with the maple syrup. Honestly, it might be a bit much for one person but perfect to share as dessert!


Side of Bacon $5.50

Super crispy and very generous portion of bacon – it was like eating bacon chips.


Chicken & Waffles $26

Roasted chicken, bacon & chive waffle, Tahitian vanilla bean butter & sauce Chasseur

The roast chicken was delicious – one of the best I have had. It was super moist and tender, seasoned right through (I think it might have been brined) and nice balance of herbiness and saltiness. The skin was nice and charred, giving the chicken a nice smoky flavour. I didn’t care too much for the waffles that were quite cold and tough. The bacon and chive flavours were not prominent, it was more tangy (buttermilk?).

The vanilla bean butter was very subtle, it could have been regular butter for all I know. The sauce for the chicken was very rich and packful with flavour – salty, creamy and have a hint of tanginess. Went well with the chicken but I preferred the chicken by itself.


Truite Amandine $25

Pan roasted trout with haricot verts, toasted almonds & beurre noisette

I was quite disappointed with the trout. It was borderline fishy – which surprised me because I know Bouchon as a place with exceptional quality ingredients. The pieces closest to the head was really fishy and it gradually got less fishy as we worked our way down the body.

It was seasoned well but a tad overdone. Beurre noisette is more commonly known as brown butter and actually went really well with the fish. The toasted almonds and haricot vert added a nice crunch to the whole dish. The haricot vert was borderline overdone as well. Overall, disappointing dish.



3 Coffees $10.50
1 Fresh squeezed Orange Juice $3.50




Total Damage: $130 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 ( Good)

I have to admit, I was a tad disappointed with this dining experience. Our previous brunch, everything from the brunch menu was delicious! We found the dishes we ordered to be underwhelming… I don’t know if it was because we dined on Christmas Eve and they were probably understaffed or the non brunch items were just not up to par. Service was not great as well – our server took a good 15 minutes after greeting us before coming to get our order and we never saw him again until he came to ask if we wanted dessert.

He was definitely hard selling us on desserts eventhough we repeatedly said we could not eat another bite. Bussers were great at clearing dishes and refilling our drinks, which I appreciate because I need lotsa coffee before I start my day~

That all said, it is still one of the best places on the Strip for brunch~

First visit here





The Venetian
3355 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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