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After drifting at U-drift (I sat in the car while a Pro driver drifted and the boys learnt how to drift), we met up w youngest SIL at the shops at Planet Hollywood. When deciding what to have for a late lunch before heading to the airport, SIL suggested Cheeseburger. I have never eaten at any of the restaurants in the area so why not~

Honestly, if it weren’t for SIL I would never think to try this place – I mean, look at it!

Does this not scream tourist trap? LOL

Menu was extremely long with something for everybody! Cheeseburgers are their signature item~


We ordered:

Cheesebuger  With An Attitude $8.75

Burger topped with house blend Jack Cheese

I was surprised at how good this burger was! Mind you, the patty was pasty looking and was not so appealing but man… It was delicious!!! The bun nice and soft.


Mushroom Swiss Burger $9.95 w Sweet Potato Fries (add $2.50)

Burger served with sauteed mushrooms & swiss cheese with a side of sweet potato fries

So after a bite of the regular cheeseburger, i knew not to judge the burger by how it looked except this one looks amazing! Topped with generous amounts of sauteed mushrooms and melted swiss cheese. Again the patty was extremely juicy.

The sweet potato fries were good as well. Unlike the usual skinny fries, these were curly cut and thick and I actually like it better this way.


Royal Ah Li I Burger $10.25

Burger with house blend Jack cheese, egg & crispy bacon

I could not say no to a bite of this burger. When i cook burgers at home, I always top them with a sunny side up egg so when SIL ordered this and offered me a bite, i had to!! As expected, It was tasty it! The runny yolk was like a rich dressing for the juicy patty and crispy bacon.


Kalua Pig Sandwich w Fries $12.50

Kalua Pork hand rubbed with Hawaiian Seasalt and roasted, served on grilled French Roll w Island Sweet Potato Fresh & Crispy Pineapple Coleslaw

OK, why did I order a Roast Pork sandwich at a place called Cheeserburger baffles me!! The whole sandwich was disappointing; the pork was dry, stringy and  bland while the bread was hard and borderline stale tasting.

The fries were the only saving grace (instead of sweet potato, I requested for regular fries). They were super crispy with soft centre and seasoned through, reminded me of KFC fries but way better. The coleslaw had a few slivers of pineapple but tasted like it was dressed with store bought coleslaw dressing.



Coffee –
Do not order the coffee here, it is disgusting. I dare to say it was one of the worst coffees I have been served at any establishment.
3 Sodas




Total Damage: ~$66 (Including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Pretty Darn Good)

OK, I have to say this I was pleasantly surprised! I totally judged this place before trying it – the tacky decor seemed like the perfect tourist trap with non impressive food.

Other than the gross coffee and underwhelming pork sandwich – all other three burgers were DELISH!!! (I should have known better to order a non burger item in a place called Cheeseburger) Prices were reasonable considering the quality and quantity of the dishes.

Service was great. Our server was spot on in timing from taking orders, getting refills and bringing us the check. Definitely a great place for a quick bite for lunch, dinner or snack.





3663 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 735 8600

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