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When deciding where to eat on Christmas eve, I had to take into account that we had the Cirque Du Soleil Michael Jackson Immortal Show at 7 pm in Mandalay. It made sense to eat at Mandalay since the theatre was only a few hundred feet away!! I have always wanted to try a Hubert Keller restaurant so this was my chance~

Made reservations for 5 pm so we would have plenty of time before the show (or so I thought). We got seated right after checking in. The restaurant’s front is completely open with some tables and a full bar, there was more tables in the more “interior” part of the restaurant but we were told they don’t seat inside till later.

Menu is a one pager, categorised neatly with a handful of options for each. Definitely has something for everyone.

Our server suggested ordering 3-4 dishes per person, which I thought was excessive especially since we wanted to order the large plates and I did not want to be full before the show. So we ended up w 6 dishes from the savoury and 2 desserts.

We ordered:

Steak tartare $12

served with Bearnaise vinaigrette, celery salad and crisp crackers

I don’t recall what these crackers/crispy flatbread is made off but it had a unique aftertaste. Went really well with the beef tartare that was beautifully prepared. The raw beef was cut into nice even chunks and seasoned well. The vinaigrette gave it an additional creaminess along with the quail egg yolk.

The whole grain mustard gives the beef a much needed punch and ties it all well together. I don’t remember much about the salad on the side other than it being really tangy.


Sauteed Shrimp $16

w cayenne butter, lime & spiced rum

I was quite pleased with this dish eventhough the portion was super small (4 pieces of tiger shrimp). It was served with some crostini that is perfect for soaking the delicious sauce. The sauce was rich & creamy spicy sauce that tasted quite Asian inspired. The shaved fennel that have been tossed in a tangy vinaigrette added a nice freshness & acidity to the dish.

The shrimp was cooked really well – tender with a nice snap from the exterior without being chewy.


Braised Pork Sliders $12

This was the most disappointing dish of the night. The pork was bland, dry and stringy served in hard slider bun. the pickle overpowers the pork and that became the primary taste left behing.  The coleslaw was pedestrian – underseasoned and boring.


Skirt Steak $16

Served with Chimmichurri, roasted fingerling & creme fraiche

The beef was seared to a nice medium rare and was surprisingly tender for such this lean cut of beef. It was seasoned well and had a nice smokiness from the char bits from grilling. I didn’t care much for the chimmichurri that was bland and bitter.

The roasted fingerling was so cute! Served like the regular baked potato but only 2 inches big. The creme fraiche and chives was a nice change from sour cream – less tangy but just as creamy. There was also some tomatoes tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette served, which was bad but forgettable.


Peking Duck Breast $30

served with braised vegetable and sauteed spinach

I knew not to expect the typical pekng duck, but because of the name the expectation is some form of duck with super crispy skin with a twist. But this was definitely not peking duck or any creative interpretation of peking duck. The skin was not crispy n fat not rendered off and quite unappealing. Flavourwise, it was definitely Asian inspired but not a rich or developed. Very mediocre sauce with greasy spinach and chinese broccoli. For $30 I expected so much more and the dish did not deliver.


Braised Short Rib $26

served with honey coriander glazed carrot & warm potato salad

The short rib was nothing short of amazing. Supertender and boneless with layers of gelatinous fat that  melts in the mouth. It was sweet, salty and packful of flavour. The potatoes  were pretty much coarsely mashed potatoes mixed with a crap load of butter, salt & pepper. Normally I would be a tad upset since I was expecting a nice creamy warm potato salad not mashed potato but it went well with the sweet sauce.


Chocolate souffle $14

served with chocolate ganache & caramel ice cream

We were advised to order this dessert at the beginning of our meal since it takes about 30 minutes to prepare. It came out looking pretty, tall and delicate. It was airy and moist in the centre, the chocolate ganache made it even more gooey and richer since it was lightly sweet and bitter. The caramel ice cream was delicious and complimented the souffle nicely.


Creme Brulee trio $9

Pistachio, Vanilla & Raspberry

Every since having the best creme brulee in Mexico, Meep and I have made it our mission to find one that beats what we had. Coincidentally, 2 pf the flavours were had were Pistachio & Vanilla! So we ordered the trio. Not as good as the ones we had in Mexico but still top notch! All three was very creamy, light and not overly sweet.

My favourite is the pistachio – subtle nutty flavour and served with Pistachios that have a nice sweet crust.

The vanilla was pretty good but the sweetest out of the 3. The raspberry one was a surprise – it was tart and tasted like it was made with fresh raspberries. It was very good as well.



Coffee $6.50




Total Damage: $187 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5 (Good)

The food was definitely tasty. Even the least favourite of the night was still above average in flavour or preparation. It is a tad overpriced for the serving size and even for Vegas especially this being a Tapas kinda place. That being said the service left much to be desired. The hostesses were great and very informative when I asked about the menu. Bussers and Food runners were on point as well. That is when the pluses in our experience ends.

Our server inquired if we were going to catch the Cirque show – we said yes then she said she would make sure we would get out of there in time for the show.

After that assurance, it was disappointing that we did not see her much throughout our meal and took us a good 10 minutes to locate her for the bill and even longer to get the bill and credit cards back.

At one point, I actually mentioned how we never saw her all evening except to grab our orders and she was standing right behind me!!! Everyone at the table found that pretty funny, I was speechless. 1 hr and 40 mins and we only saw her three times (didn’t seem right). Other tables around us definitely got her attention and that was a little off putting.




Fleur by Hubert Keller

3950 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 632 9400

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