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Since Aria opened, we have not tried any of the restaurants in the hotel… I meant to try Julian Serrano (right next to Sage) but with the high ratings of Sage on Yelp, I got uber curious and ended up making reservations for Sage instead. They were very accommodating especially when we called a couple times to change the number of guests dining.

The decor is quite eclectic; with the dark colours, high ceilings and lots of glass which exudes a very contemporary feel but yet very “comforting” paintings… Kinda a weird mismatch but quite interesting. Our party of 7 were seated in a round table, which was the first for us but we loved it! Made for easy conversing.

There were 3 menus offered:
Ala Carte

Chef’s Signature Menu $79

Chef’s Tasting Menu $120

There was 7 of us and we opted for the Signature Menu $79 (well, the whole table has to partake if we wanted to do either tasting menus). Wine pairing is available for $39

Amuse Bouche
Cream of Mushroom

Not bad start, boring but tasty.

Bacon Bread & Sourdough

Served with sea salt and lavender butter

Bread was OK, nothing exciting and not served warm. I didn’t care for the lavender butter at all.


1st Course
Wagyu Beef Tartare

w Crushed Caper Aioli, Slow Poached Egg & Crispy Chocolate

The first dish got me quite excited. The beef really good and seasoned very well. I liked the poached egg touch rather than raw since it added a good creamy element without being the least bit slimy. The crispy chocolate was strange and quite tough and leathery.

Foie Gras Brulee ($10 supplement)

w Salted Brioche, Toasted Cocoa Nibs & Shaved Torchon

Rich and quite strange. The shaved torchon was smooth and had the most interesting texture as it melted in the mouth. The salty foie gras brulee had a nice thin sweet crust on the top. Seasoned very well, creamy and delicious. I can’t stop eating it but the iron-y aftertaste can be off putting to some. The brioche that came with was amazing; buttery soft and very addictive.


2nd Course
Glazed Pork Belly

w Sweet Corn Tortelloni, Lobster Mushrooms & Crispy Pancetta

The pork itself was delicious – tender, fatty and melt in your mouth deliciousness. Great balance of sweet and savoury… The accompaniedments on the other hand, made the dish quite confused. There were too many different independent flavours that stood out on their own, and did not work together at all.

Maine Dayboat Scallops

w Braised Oxtail, Wild Mushrooms and Salted Caramel Reduction

Delicious! One of the favourites of the night. Very simply pan seared scallops that were cooked well and the other components complemented the dish as a whole. The braised oxtail was rich and tender; which added a nice saltiness to the dish. The wild mushrooms gave it great texture and tasted great. Even the questionable salted caramel reduction was good.


3rd Course
Iberico Pork Loin

Milk Braised Cannelloni, Baby Eggplant & Creminelli Mortadella

I was quite disappointed with this dish. The pork loin was smoky and tasted very much like your Thanksgiving ham; even the texture was like ham. I did like the baby eggplant and cannelloni though. To be honest, all I remembered was eating ham and not much else about the dish.

48 Hour Beef Belly

w Golden Chanterelles, Padron Peppers & California Plums

Hands down my favourite. I have never had beef belly (or if I did, I did not know because it was nothing like this). The beef was cooked to the point of disintegration, yet it managed to hold it form until we picked it up with the fork. It was rich, fatty, meaty and just plain addictive. Flavours are reminiscent of BBQ Ribs, with sweet salty and smoky notes. I didn’t remember much bout the accompaniments; they were lost amongst the rich beef.


4th Course
Warm Apple-Fennel Strudel

w Hazelnut Crumble & Brown Butter Ice Cream

This dessert was quite disappointing. It lacked any form of finesse and was blah.. I rather have it less complicated but tasty. It did not come together at all… The pastry was a little tough, instead of being light and crispy. The apple fennel compote was not bad but the hazelnut crumble was strange. I did like the ice cream though, very creamy and not too sweet.

Crunchy Chocolate & Peanut Butter Tart

w Cassis Sphere & Toasted Marshmallow Sauce

Imagine a reese butter cup in tart form! I didn’t care much for it since the peanut butter was a tad grainy. The cassis sphere was a total surprised and added a nice tangy element to the dish. Overall, quite pedestrian.

At the end of the meal, we were presented with some chocolate soup.

It was not very good at all. Warm and goopy… strange way to end the meal. I missed the typical petit fours.



1 Glass Kurt Darting Riesling $13
Coke $4.50
Coffee $5.50




Total Damage: ~$930 (including tax & tip); Per person with wine tasting ~$163 ; Per person without wine tasting ~$110; Per person with a glass of wine & coffee $138

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Pretty Darn Good)

I am actually quite torn about how to rate Sage. The dishes were all tasty but very one dimensional. There was no progression throughout the Signature menu; all the dishes had a sweet component (some too much), every dish was heavy and rich and one was similar to the other in more ways than one . By the time the meal ended, none of us knew how well we liked it because it was quite forgettable.

The service was horrendous. From the time we got seated to ordering took over 30 minutes. And throughout the meal we barely saw our server. The time between courses was way too long. A four course menu should not have taken us over 2.5 hours but it did.

As much as I appreciated our server’s effort in giving me a copy of the menu and writing down all the wines that was paired with it, it was hard to forgive his lack of service throughout our meal. The bussers and food runners were good about clearing our dishes although there was a couple incidents where the wrong dishes was placed in front of the diner.

I think the food was quite tasty but the lack of progression and the lacklustre service dampened the whole experience. I can’t comment on the wines because I know nothing about wines; but I do know I only liked 2 out of 4 of the wine pairings.





Aria Resort & Casino
3732 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(877)  230 2742

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