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After a couple failed attempts at trying to wake up early enough to enjoy brunch at Mon Ami Gabi; I made sure this time around we would make it by making reservations 3 weeks in advance. Meep was not too excited about waking up at 11 am after such a long night of partying at XS in Encore BUT he was all smiles by the end of the meal.

The interior of the restaurant was definitely very bistro like ( a little on the dark side) but the patio is gorgeous and perfect for a good meal and people watching.

The lunch menu was quite extensive, considering it is a one pager. Quite cluttered and overwhelming especially since we were barely awake at that point. :)

Brunch menu on the other hand was very short (I was quite disappointed but it did make decision making quite easy)

There is also a board with the daily specials (for dinner)


We ordered:

Smoked Salmon $11.95

w Brioche, Creme fraiche, Red onions & Capers

The smoked salmon was of great quality; not the least bit fishy – firm with the right amount of smokiness and saltiness.  The brioche was so buttery and soft with a nice toasted crust; it added a nice sweet element to each bite. Ireally  enjoyed the combination of the silky smooth creme fraiche, crunchy sweet onions, fresh greens along w the smoky salty salmon and a added punch from the capers! Great way to start our meal.


Corn Beef Hash & Poached Eggs$10.95

w Roasted red peppers & Toast & Hashbrowns

This dish caught be by surprise! I didn’t expect much when Meep decided he wanted to order this BUT after having one bite – it was our favourite. Best corn beef hash I have ever had. The beef was not unidentifiable shredded salty meat; instead it was nice big chunks of rice well seasoned beef that tasted like they have been cooked for hours and hours. There were bits of fat throughout that melted in the mouth.

The poach eggs were beautifully cooked with runny dark yello yolk that cut some of the grease from the meat and rounded the whole dish off. I usually prefer my eggs sunny side up but I did not miss the extra grease from pan fried eggs at all! The roasted red peppers do get a little lost in all that richness.

The hasbrowns were great as well; nice crisped edges with soft centre and cooked right through. Didn’t not taste like the frozen type (which usually holds the flavours of the freezer). I did not try the toast since we were getting pretty full.


French Toast $10.95

w Blueberries, Warm maple syrup & Whipped cream

Another great dish. It did not need the syrup it came with, the blueberries were swimming in a nice syrup of its own. I appreciate that the blueberries were not cooked till they were mush – they maintained their shape and had a good mix of some “fresher firmer” berries along with the more “compote cooked down” bits. Naturally sweet and maintained all its natural flavours.

The french toast was egg-y, cake-y and rich without being too heavy. The blueberries and whipped cream rounded the french toast off real well. It did not need the maple syrup at all (I think it would be too sweet with the syrup and blueberries).


Orange Juice $3.95
Coffee $3.95



Total Damage: $54 (Including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.75 out of 5 (Great)

All the dishes were definitely very tasty and very reasonably priced especially for Vegas. We had so much food and was filled to the brim. I thought every dish was of superior quality, which was a pleasant surprise. Simple but well executed.

Service was disappointing. Bussers were great but the actual server was absent… Only saw him when we were ordering. No coffee refill offered till I flagged someone down. Got seated right away after arriving, although I cant say I like the attitude of the 3 ladies sitting at the counter who were responsible for seating diners. Wait was about 30 – 45 mins for brunch on Saturday at 1 pm for diners w no reservations.




Mon Ami Gabi

3655 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

(702) 944 4224

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