Stripsteak – Las Vegas, NV

Was in Vegas for literally less than 48 hours to spend Halloween Weekend and managed to eat at all the places we had planned!

The moment our plane touched down; we checked in our hotel and head straight to Stripsteak! I was worried we won’t be able to make it in time since most places close their kitchen at about 10, but here they close the kitchen at 11pm!!! SK is officially the unpaid walking endorser of Stripsteak, he always recommends this restaurant when he knows we were headed to Vegas.

Since this trip was mainly to hang out w them, it was only appropriate to have dinner here. Located in Mandalay Bay and impossible to miss:

I love the glass walls that gives us total visibility of the restaurant. It was packed when we got there at 10.30 and quite loud but cleared out pretty soon after.

There are giant hunks of meat aging with appropriate date tags!

Menu is quite simple with lotsa appealing choices; Good variety of appetisers, steaks, non-meat items and even better wine/alcohol list.


After we ordered, we were served some complimentary Duck Fat Fries

Truffle fries & Truffle dip; Garlic fries & Ketchup; Salt fries & Parmesan Aioli

The fries were delicious!!! All 3 versions were so crispy (with soft centre) and seasoned well. Good on their own and also great with their accompanying dips. Definitely got my palate all excited for what is to come.

We ordered:

Foie Gras Sliders $22

Grilled foie gras w pineapple chutney, pink peppercorns and sweet onion jus

These were actually really good!! I was skeptical since the last time we had foie at a Steakhouse, I was not impressed. The foie gras prepared really well, not a single vein in sight (Pet peeve). It was grilled beautifully with a nice char and well seasoned. The pineapple chutney was sweet, tangy and gave the rich foie nice acidity.

I didn’t care much for the sauce on the side which tasted metallic and bitter…


Shabu Shabu $24

American Kobe Beef & Enoki mushroom served with Mushroom consomme

I chose this appetiser mostly out of curiousity. Not the best way to spend $24 since the Kobe beef loses its appeal once it has been boiled in the mushroom broth. It could have been any thinly sliced ribeye… The vinegar dip on the side was harsh and quite unnecessary. The broth was delicious!!! So light yet packful of flavour; and a little twist of lime rounded it off quite well. Rather than just using it to cook the meat, I could not stop myself from sipping the broth.


3 of us ordered the 8oz American Kobe Rib Cap @ $67 each

I ordered mine medium rare and got served two little end bits; SK & A ordered it rare and got a single piece.

Don’t judge these nuggets by how it looks because the flavour is indescribably delicious. Amazing! I am still dreaming about this.

The meat is grilled till there is a nice crust on the outside giving it amazing smoky flavour. Seasoned so well, marbled with so much fat that is was ultra tender. Look at the beautiful translucent lines of rich fat. I appreciated the two separate pieces since it gave it more crispy edges and smokiness.

The pieces were small, but just the right quantity because of how heavy the fatty beef can get.


16 oz Kansas City Strip $48 w Grilled Foie Gras $19

The strip was delicious as well! Grilled as requested and seasoned well. It was definitely a premium cut of meat but faded in comparison to the Kobe Rib Cap… I loved that it came with the bone in, not that I can identify much difference without the bone but I love picking at bits of meat off the bone.

The foie was amazing! Well prepared, just like the pieces on the sliders but twice the size! Buttery, rich and well grilled and seasoned.



Truffle Mac & Cheese $12; Roasted Maitake Mushrooms $16

The Mac & Cheese was delicious but the macaroni was way overcooked and soft but it was very tasty! There was little bits of broccoli was a nice surprise and gave it nice texture.

The mushrooms on the other hand were rubbery and unimpressive..


Dessert options were very appealing eventhough we were stuffed so I went ahead and ordered something we could share:

Beignets & Creme Brulee $12

Perfect way to end the meal. The beignets were one of the best I have had and served the way they should be. Plain and dusted with powdered sugar – it was denser than the regular doughnut but still soft and airy with a nice crust. The creme brulee was great as well; good on its own and with the beignets as well. It was a tad sweet but that is probably because of the thick sugar crust on such a tiny ramekin.



Moscato $14 – I have not really had a Moscato I don’t like~ Although this was a tad sweeter than what I am used to.
Pepsi $4
Coffee $5(Complimentary) – I don’t know why we did not get charged for the coffee but I ain’t complaining. It was good, nothing great but good coffee.




Total Damage: $469.09 (Including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 (Great)

Just the American Kobe Rib Cap is enough to bring me back. That is one of the best pieces of steaks I have had in a long time and I would go back in a heart beat. The sides and appertisers range from very good to just OK but those are not the main focus of our meals anyway. Definitely pricey but an excellent splurge.

Service was OK. Nothing to write home about but decent and quite accommodating. We had reservations but SK & A’s flight was delayed so they didn’t get there till about 10.45 and we were able to get our order in before kitchen closes at 11.

We were not pressured to order while we waited for about 20 mins for them. That being said, we barely saw our waitress after putting the orders in. Bus boys were great with clearing dishes and refilling our drinks though. And I had too many floaties/cork bits in my wine and it took a while to get the server’s attention to get me a new glass, which still had floaties but less.

I will end with – the steaks were definitely the stars! Everything else was just background noise.





3950 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89119

(702) 632 7414

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