True Confections – Vancouver, BC (Canada)

After dinner at Oishii around the corner, I wanted some dessert. I suggested True Confections because I remembered the amazing Hazelnut Mousse I had here years ago. It opens till about 11 pm on a Sunday, so it was perfect.

The place was packed when we got there at around 10 pm so I just got a couple items to-go.

The restaurant is a decent size with a patio. Pretty dark so it was hard to get a decent photo. The desserts/cakes available at on display and there is also a section for whole cakes that you can buy right there and then.

Cakes sold whole

Menu has nice pictures, making the decision process a little easier (not really, because everything looked good!). There were pies, cakes, mousse and drinks (coffee, teas, specialty drinks and even wine).

I got:

Hazelnut Belgian Mousse $7.95

My favourite. I always order this when I get a chance to stop by True Confections. It is smooth, creamy and rich. Not overly chocolate-y and has intense hazelnut flavours. Imagine the centre part of a Ferrero Roche but lightly, airier! *loves* The flourless dark chocolate cake at the bottom is dense and pretty much blends right with the mousse. Gives the mousse a nice bitterness.


Pecan Pie $6

The first pecan pie I have ever tried was from right here! The pie filling is sort of light a buttery soft caramel but not as sweet and sticky. It was creamy and rich with salty aftertaste. The pecan were nice and toasted with a crunch. Gave the whole pie great texture. The pie crust is a type of short crust pastry that crumbles and is butter-y.




Total Damage: $15.64 (including tax)

Personal rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Pretty darn good)

They r pretty pricey for what you get but definitely great quality and delicately put together cakes. I ordered it to go so I didn’t have much experience with the service. The guy who tried to give me suggestions and introduced their cakes was pretty knowledgeable and nice. The lady who was packing my dessert and passed it to me looked like she had a loooong day and hated her job, so who knows how the sit down service is. :)




True Confections

866 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC
V6G 2L8

(604)  682 1292

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