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After spending the weekend in Seattle and pigging out on all kinds of seafood (cooked), SIL #2 wanted more seafood – in the raw form this time. She dint get a chance to eat some good Vancouver Japanese and was leaving the next day so it was only right that we all had Japanese with her (and of course, Meep & I loooveee Japanese so were up for it anytime).

By the time we got back, dropped off the rental car and checked in to the Westin; it was pretty close to 9.15 pm. SIL #1 suggested Oishii on Denman since they were open till 10 pm and close to us. The restaurant is not very big but prolly has about a dozen or so tables. It was barely 1/4 full when we got there at 9.20 pm.

Menu was lengthy. Everything from small plates, sashimi, sushi, grilled/deep fried items

There was surprisingly very little combination/bento options.

Their specialty sushi list.

We ordered:

California roll $5.95

California rolls used to be the only sushi I ate before meeting Meep. I didn’t even use to eat anything raw (because of a bad experience when I was in grade 7), but I have come a long way and now California rolls do not appeal to me much. I appreciate that the california roll here is not made w imitation crab meat, instead it is made with actual crab meat (prolly the canned version) but it was not great. The crabmeat needed more mayo or seasoning or something. Roll was made well and did not fall apart easily~


Dragon roll $12.95

This roll was pretty good. The unagi was so plump and moist, the shrimp tempura still had a nice crunch to it. The avocado gave it a much needed creaminess and the sauce was thick, sweet and salty. Roll was well made and did not fall apart when picked up.


Sockeye Salmon (5 pcs) $7.95; Toro (5 pcs) $8.95; Atlantic Salmon (5 pcs) $6.95

Sockeye salmon sashimi – This was everything I imagined it to be! Nice thick generous cuts. The sockeye salmon is not as fatty as the Atlantic but is just as good. It was very fresh, without a hint of sliminess or fishy aftertaste.

Alantic Salmon sashimi – I loved the Atlantic salmon sashimi served in Vancouver. Always so fresh and such big pieces they were like mini steaks. This was 2/3 the size of my Japanese soup spoon! Firm, sweet and fatty…

Toro sashimi – Pretty good. The belly of the tuna is the best part! It was almost meat-y, but had consistency of raw fish. Firmer than the regular tuna sashimi, fattier and tastier with a lemon-y aftertaste.


Atlantic Salmon (5 pcs) $6.95

This was so good, we ordered another 5 pieces.


Chirashi $17.95

Red Snapper, Salmon, Mackerel, Ebi, Squid, Surf clam, Egg, Tobiko, Crab & Chopped Scallops

The chirashi had to be the most disappointing. Very thin slivers of sashimi, all very fresh and tasted great but it was such a miserly amount. I thought the egg (tamago), squid and surf clam were the items that were fairly mediocre.

Although there was a generous amount of crab & chopped scallop (and the chopped scallop was delicious with the rice), I was looking for more variety of fish sashimi and so was quite dissatisfied.


Prawn Tempura $9.95

Not bad, fresh and nice sweet shrimp. The batter was a little thick but it was hot & crispy~


2 orders Chopped Scallop cone $3.75 each

I didn’t try this but the chirashi had chopped scallop in it and I was surprised at how tasty the scallop was. Not the least bit slimy, creamy and perfectly seasoned.


Tea $1
2 Pops @ $2.25 each



Total Damage: $120 (including tax & tip)

Personal rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Good)

Although the chirashi was a disappointment, everything else was pretty good (well above average). Prices are fairly competitive with other downtown locations but pricier than comparable joints located in the Greater Vancouver Area (Burnaby, Coquitlam).

Service was decent, but not what one would label as “good”. They were not very nice or did not come across as nice – kinda cold and impersonal. It was fairly challenging to flag someone down for service and it was not even busy!



Oishii Sushi

780 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC
V6G 2L5

(604) 687 0634

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