Cattle Hot Pot Restaurant – Richmond, BC (Canada)

Daummy and I made plans long before I was even close to heading to Vancouver, to have hot pot. I miss hot pot at Richmond (Greater Vancouver Area). We used to have massive cravings and would have hot pot quite frequently even if it is warm out. Meep is not a fan of hot pot, so I have only been to hotpot 3 times in the past 2 years in the Bay Area. *sadness*

One of our favourite spots is Cattle Hot Pot in Richmond. It used to get really busy and a reservation is recommended… On this particular Friday, it was only half full!

Menu is one page, very well categorised and pricing is very clear (including extra charges). Menu has changed since I was last here 2 years ago.

Choices and prices for soup (in addition to the $18.95 per person)

I thought it was quite petty for a restaurant to charge for sauces~

Drinks were really cheap!

We ordered:

Thai Tom Yum & Cilantro and Preserved Egg soup ($10)

Soup base was not very flavourful at the beginning (as expected), but had good tom yam base and herby base respectively. After about half hour of boiling all kinds of random ingredient, it held its flavour and was pretty good.


Black Vinegar ($0.60), Sesame paste ($0.60), Fresh chili (Free), Garlic paste ($0.60), Cilantro ($0.60)


Steamed Fish Meat Dim Sum

Essentially a fish siu mai. I didn’t care much for this. Not like the usual meat siumai. Barely any fishpaste, it is very doughy…


Fishball in Curry Sauce

Delicious!! I am always wary about crap quality fishballs that are rubbery. These were anything but rubbery. Delicious and soaked up the salty curry sauce.


Deep Fried Fish Dumpling

Greasy, with very little fish paste… Bland and not very good at all.


Sliced Lamb

I love lamb in hot pot. It is gamey enough to hold up to any soup base and still maintain its natural flavours. Easily cooked in seconds. Thinly sliced and fatty so it is tender and delicious.


Sliced Beef Rib Eye

Great quality thinly sliced beef. Cooked in seconds, with just the right amount of fat to be really tender.


Pork Jowl/Cheek

My favourite of the night. I ate this whole plate almost entirely! The pork cheeks become like a crunchy fatty pork – a cross between cartilage and meat. Addictive and delicious.


Spam/Luncheon Meat

This was not the great quality spam (the original) but more the asian grocery “luncheon meat”. I didn’t care for it much.



Fresh made wontons. Good portion of minced meat and bits of shrimp. Pretty good~


Imitation crab meat, Mushroom Fish Tofu, Fishball w Salted Egg Yolk, Flavoured Lobster claw, Fried Fish Cake, Dace Ball

All the fishcakes/fish balls start tasting all the same after the 5 piece. The best is the mushroom fish tofu and the weirdes was the fishball w salted egg yolk (It spits at you!). The imitation lobster claw was not very good, it just tasted like boiled dough.


Crystal noodles, Cooked Pork Blood, Pork Stomach,Pearl Spot Spine Foot, Shrimp, Mussels

I am not one for the pig’s bloof or stomach casing so I didn’t try it. The shrimp was very fresh though. The spinefoot fish was served whole, very bony and hard to eat.


Mix mushrooms (Enoki & King Oyster mushroom)

Generous portions of good quality and fresh enoki and oyster mushrooms. I enjoyed them both~



I don’t get kelp… Daummy loves this stuff and ate it all! At least they were fresh and not the dried up sticks.




Total Damage: ~$30 per person (including drink, tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.25 out of 5 (Pretty Good)

There were a lot of choices for soup bases so it is not hard to find a base that will suit everyone. The  meat and seafood and random balls/dumplings and even vegetables variety is great as well. Service is typical of any Asian restaurant, maybe a bit better. Not a very big place so it is quite easy to get the attention of the 4 servers working.

The quality of the items are all pretty good especially for a “All you can eat” establishment. The price is decent but because of the sauces and soup base, it does add up. Still reasonable though~ Lotsa hot pot places all over the Greater Vancouver Area but this is one of my favourites.




Cattle Hot Pot Restaurant

8391 Alexandra Road
Richmond, BC
V6X 3W5

(604) 304 0429

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