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Met up with Meep’s good friend who recently moved from Japan to Vancouver! He has known her for over a decade but I never got to meet her in the 7 years we have been together. I looked up a bunch of places for lunch but we ended up picking Twisted Fork because they have brunch on Fridays!!! Everyone got there before I did (I went after a haircut), and didn’t have to wait for a table as 11.45am.

I actually walked past the restaurant because I missed the giant fork (don’t know how that is possible),but when I walked in; the first thing Meep said to me was, “You have got to have picked the hottest restaurant in this city!!”. When he said that, he did not mean “hip” or “cool” but temperature wise.

The place was tinnnyyyy, hot and uncomfortably stuffy. It took a lot of mental power to ignore the heat and try to focus on the food. The only ventilation and cool air was a tiny fan right at the entrance of the restaurant.

We were seated at the table right at the back corner, next to shelves of house made jam, pickles, sauce for sale (@$8/bottle).

Menu was very short, but had such appealing choices that it still made deciding quite difficult.


We ordered:

Smoked Salmon Eggs Benny $12.05

w toasted brioche, poached eggs, hollandaise and served with sauteed spinach, rosti & baked beans

I was in shock when I saw the heaping pile of food in front of me. The bennys were a nice size, with a heaping amount of smoked salmon and a good amount of hollandaise. The smoke salmon was delicious; firm, thin slices of smoky salty salmon. The brioche was well toasted and manage to not get too soggy and held its form well.

One egg was poached medium while the other was almost well done, a tad disappointing because I love having a nice yolk-y eggs benny. The hollandaise was tangy, creamy and well balanced in seasoning. I didn’t care much for the little piece of rosti (shredded crispy potatoes) or the bland spinach. The beans were really tasty, but I can’t decide how it fits in with my smoked salmon benny.


Banana Stuffed Brioche French Toast $12.05

sprinkled with cinnamon icing sugar and a side of vanila whipped cream & real maple syrup

I was most excited about this item but it fell a little short on expectations. The edges of the french toasted were hard, crusty and burnt tasting. The centre parts were pretty good though, stuffed with bananas that became sweet and custardy. The maple syrup and whipped cream tied it all together and gave it much needed moisture and creaminess. Overall – it’s good but nothing to write home about or crave for.


Croque Monsieur $12.05

with brioche, gruyere and ham served with fresh greens and house tomato sauce

Another overwhelming amount of food. The sandwich had a heaping amount of ham in between thick cuts of brioche. The bread was nice and greasy, tasted like it was buttered and grilled. The ham was a generous portion of thinly sliced delicious great quality ham. Pretty good cheesy ham sandwich. All it needs is an egg and some mornay sauce to make it a croque madame and a perfect brunch sandwich for me. I think brunch without eggs aren’t real brunches.


Bacon, Caramelised Onion and Brie Frittata $12.05

filled with potato and fresh basil with fresh greens and sweet corn relish

I was pretty undecided about whether I liked this or not. The flavours were so muddled and it almost did not feel like breakfast. I tasted mostly cheese, corn and potatoes. The sweet corn relish dominated whatever flavours that were present in the frittata. Again, I didn’t try the salad.


Side of Bacon $3.57

Your average 4 strips of bacon, that still had too much grease all over it (a paper towel action before serving it would have been nice and appreciated)


2 Coffees @ $3.57

I liked that the coffee is made with a French press and served at the table, rather than the usual drip coffee. It was pretty good coffee; with medium body and not too tangy.

2 Orange Juice @ $3.57 each
Taste just like the normal Minute Maid OJ. No fresh squeezed here.

Brutus $7.15
Vodka, horseradish, dijon, dill, spices & clamato
I didn’t try it, but apparently it tasted just like a caesar but beter and served with their own in house made pickle & olives.




Total Damage: $98 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 3.5 out of 5 (Pretty good)

Other than the very unpleasant stuffy air and all, the food was good. Portions were massive, making the average $13 per brunch entree pretty reasonable. That being said, the drinks and sides are on the pricier side.

Service was meh… i barely saw our server and could have done w more coffee at one point. She took forever to take our drink orders, and when she did – it took forever for us to get them. The menu has a little disclaimer mentioning that there are only 2 cooks in the kitchen so food might take a while – so I expected the wait. What surprised me was that the kitchen was not slow (we got our food in about 15 minutes or so), instead it was the floor staff that was appallingly slow.

The server did not do a check back on how the food was; even if a restaurant consistently has great food, I still expect the server to make sure that food is OK. She came by once to check on our coffees and then never saw her again until we asked for the bill. Overall, good food but mediocre service.




Twisted Fork Bistro

1147 Granville Street
Vancouver, BC
V6Z 1M1

(604) 568 0749

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