Phnom Penh – Vancouver, BC (Canada)

Meep and I went for a short sibling to Vancouver (where we met up w my 3 SILs) and this is our very first stop after picking up the rental at YVR! My ex roomie used to love this place and would always have constant cravings for their chicken wings, and I gotta say when I am not craving Churchs’ Chicken I am craving these wings.

We just had to come here for some wings even though dinner plans were a short 2 hours away.

Not situated in a great area (kinda the ugly part of Chinatown) but the restaurant itself looks decent (although the signage would say otherwise).

Menu is insanely long with about 100 different options and combinations in total. They categorised the Vietnamese & Cambodian dishes distinctly; eventhough most probably would not know the difference.


We ordered:

Marinated Butter Beef $12.85

Thin sliced medium rare beef on a bed of brown garlic, cilantro and special sauce

So simple yet so good. The rare beef is smothered in their tangy special sauce and was surprisingly light as a whole. The abundant fresh cilantro and brown garlic bits gave it such complexity and a little crunch.


Phnom Penh Deep Fried Chicken Wings (L) $12.50

Signature deep fried garlic wings served with fresh lemon & pepper sauce

Ask anyone, and they would recommend ordering the fried chicken wings. They are so crispy yet juicy in the centre. Not the least bit greasy and tossed in a whole lot of fresh garlic, some salt pepper and has a mystery hint of sweetness. Marinated thoroughly and pretty amazing on its own but even pepper with the lemon pepper sauce.


Phnom Penh Spicy Garlic Spareribs (L) $12.50

Grandmother’s recipe spareribs served with fresh lemon & pepper sauce

Their grandmother’s recipe is definitely a keeper. There is not a lot of heat to it, but the sparerib was seasoned well – garlicky, salty with a hint of spice. It was crispy, some smaller pieces were overdone but overall they were crispy on the outside and tender & juicy on the inside. Went well with the lemon pepper sauce, but I prefer it without.


Filet Beef Luc Lac on Rice w Egg $9.50

Stir fried seasoned beef served on top of rice w an egg & side of fish sauce

The filet was marinated through and had quite a good amount of sauce. Once everything thing is mixed into the rice, drizzled with the fish sauce; it becomes quite complex. Sweet, salty with hints of fish sauce.. Very tasty indeed.


2 Cafe Su Da (Vietnamese Iced Coffee) @3.65 each



Total Damage: $73 (including tax & tip)

Personal Rating: 4 out of 5 (Great)

I love this place. Food comes out fast & always so fresh tasting. The butter beef and chicken jsut keeps me going back. The prices are not cheap, especially for a place that looks and feels borderline hole-in-the-wall… But the quality makes it reasonable.

Service is typical of most Asian run establishments – rushed, abrasive and pretty non existent.




Phnom Penh

244 E Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6A 1Z7

(604) 682 5777

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